Be yourself

Hello! Assalamualaikum,

MasyaAllah what a beautiful day,Alhamdulillah.

Be yourself is not something that easy actually,i really in to it.I know we always try to impress everybody.We want our life look happy,fun and almost perfect but its hard tho..

But actually sometime its help you to be better person if you do for someone you love.

But its okey to pressure about that,we all feels the same,yeah we’ll in the same situation tho.

What you need to know about yourself?

First you need to ask yourself is what can makes me happy?

What i want to be?

What i like to do?

Why i want to be a ….?

Do you want to impress other or you want to do for yourself?

Express yourself,your family and your friends need and have to know who you really are,don’t hide under your blanket,if you don’t like it then speak.

Being yourself is the most beautiful thing that you will realize soon.It’s okey if their think that your life is boring.Who care?they life can also be so much boring or if not they need to waste time and money to show the world that their life is so much fun even actually their trap in their own sad life.Dont be struggle to impress be struggle for what you wanted to be.

We are not a puppet to make or to impress people.Be someone that can makes people happier with yourself.Be the best you can be,when you make a mistake then learn from it.

It sound so simple,but if you just be yourself,you’

re different than anyone else.You are the key to your own happiness.

Be you and beautiful..




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