I dapat invitation dari @urbandecaycosmatic untuk event launching their new product #NAKEDCHERRY

Gosh before ni i just tengok dekat instagram about their new product.Im so excited.

Urban Decay just dropped its Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette, which includes 12 berry-colored shadows in matte and metallic finishes. They also created an eight-piece collection to go with the palette, and it’s all inspired by cherries.

Okey back to my event dekat Bangsar.Hujan lebat gila,but still ramai yang hadir.Tempat tu macam gudang but Urban Decay turn out that place lawa giler.Banyak photobooth for influencer bergambar and all their staff memang friendly habis.Sebabkan i datang sorang so a bit awkward sikit but everybody seem so nice and friendly.

Shalma aina in the house,i admire dia gile,i love her minimalism fashion.

I jumpa geng tinker studios,sumpah deorg kelakar and friendly respect habis la dengan deorang ni.But I muka x senyum sebab spotlight kacau mata so i tak sempat senyum SO SAD.Hahaha kat tempat ni dah macam disko dah . Masing2 lawa giler.



I met this lovely girls dekat sana,so we share story and makan banyak-banyak .Hahaha..so bila dah penat we decided to balik


My outfit from ZARA thanks to @hasyalisa,Last minute jumpa juga yang berkenan di hati.





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